Tuesday, April 26, 2005

straight lines and no caffeine

So most of today was spent trying to cut straight lines. Which is frustrating because for some reason I'm not capable of doing that and that makes me feel like a total moron. But the semester is almost over and that makes me happy.

And for some reason, I picked this week to try to give up caffeine. My hope is that I won't be quite so jittery when trying to cut straight lines. Hopefully this week won't be as bad as other semesters have been. My plan is to be done by Friday at 7pm. (and with no caffeine). So people had better call me then and if I'm in studio, come over and drag me out of there.

If you want to know what I think about Invisible Children, check out Chris's blog because I commented there. (and kind of said way too much to retype here.)

Pray at 9am on Tuesday! I have an interview!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

alarm clocks, part deux

I think I have a better chance of finding one of these: http://www.cnn.com/offbeat/gallery/content.5.html
(Thanks, Yames!)

Getting up early can be quite productive. I got up at 6:30 this morning and came home from Cary, went to the gym, showered, and worked on some homework; all before church.

For those who aren't into the changes with Hungry? here's what needs to happen: 1) talk to Jeff and Jason, 2) try to adopt a good attitude for a few months and give it a fair shot, and 3) pray about it. If God is up to something big, then the changes will stick. If He's not, then the changes won't stick. I'm not completely thrilled with the changes either, but we've got to at least try it out. It's all in what you make of it. Day, time, and place shouldn't matter. The reason I keep coming is for the community, not because it fits nicely in my schedule.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Alarm Clocks

So what is it about alarm clocks that they refuse to ring some days? I have 3, count them, 3 set, but do any of them go off? no.... Okay... so maybe (just maybe) I've slept through my alarm for the past few weeks. How this is possible, I don't know. I thought Riley would wake me up when the alarm goes off. You know, rub his cold nose on me or bark or something. But nope, I wake up and he's sleeping too. Maybe if I ever get married, I'll marry someone who is capable of waking up. And then he can pull the covers off my and drag me out of bed. Or, if i'm going to the gym, put my sneakers on for me. Or, if I need to get dresssed, just pick me up and put me in shower. Now that's an alarm clock...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

following the crowd

Not usually one to follow the crowd quite so much, I've decided to start a blog. Or is it a verb: blogging? Now why anyone would like to read about my life, I'm not sure, but go ahead.

So let's see... my day was GREAT! God is GREAT! can you tell that's my favorite word these days? I woke up on time for once; went to class; had lunch at this great Italian restaurant run by real Italians; and traced contour lines. So the usual, right?

BUT then... as I was leaving Bo's with Chris, this guy stops me who apparently knows my name. (this is scary). Well... it was the bully from growing up! And get this... he apologized for being so terrible to me. AND (better yet!) he accepted Christ. Seriously, the kid looked happier than I had ever seen him. So if you ever want to tell me that God can't change people, I will tell you that He can.

So I think I should go study for that test I have tomorrow.... While I'm doing that, you can check out these websites and get your architecture education for the day:
http://www.id-aep.com/ and http://www.bjac.com/